Viktor Örneland

Visualisation Artist

Well-versed in concept development, storyboarding, modeling, designing, animating and editing while staying humble and collaborating with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Selected Work

All Things Live – SoMe video & Logo animation

SoMe video with 3D Characters and Logo animation.

Panasonic – Dealer truck visual

Layout and visualize campaign design on dealer truck.

American Express – Hero animation

I animated heros to add production value to their upgrade mail headers.

Mediaformat – Residential digital signage

Concept, 3D model, animating and producing E-mail marketing campaign including 3 animated Heros (the leaf, the club and the note), graphics and layout.

Fastpartner Christmas animation

Fastpartner Christmas holiday animation for SoMe and digital signage. Animation, sound and idea.

Panasonic husbyggarlösning

Technical animation of air flow in a new house solution. Animation of CAD illustration in Blender and After Effects.

Kontrapunkt identity promo – X-mas edition

To further embrace the holidays and all that comes with a range of remixes of the logo.

Kontrapunkt identity promo – Happy Halloween edition

A holiday-themed exploration of style, timing, rigging, lighting, visualisation, digital brainstorming and brain-picking.

Fastpartner Centrala Frösunda Halloween animation

3D Animation to celebrate and spread the Halloween feeling.

Contact me

Viktor Örneland
+46 073 045 13 91